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General Terms

1. Once the parameters of the Engagement are clear, Long Range Aviation, LLC (LRA) will provide a lump sum quote for the Engagement that is all inclusive of customary costs.  The Engagement consists of Pre-Departure Planning, Ferry Flight, and Follow-up/Closeout.

2. The Client must provide the aircraft in an airworthy condition (legally and practically) and with full fuel unless other arrangements have been made in advance.  If an aircraft is deemed not airworthy during a pre-departure inspection, Client shall be responsible for LRA's cost for delay.  Typically these costs are limited to pilot per diem while airworthiness issues are attended to.

3. The Client  is responsible for all maintenance costs for the aircraft necessary for the safe completion of the Ferry Flight.  Should a maintenance issue arise after commencement of the Ferry Flight, the Client shall reimburse LRA a per diem cost for the pilot to remain with the aircraft to coordinate completion of necessary maintenance to continue the Ferry Flight.  LRA will not charge per diem for delays less than 24 hours.

4.  Should the Client's aircraft require extended range tanks, the cost of the tanking will be included in the quote for the Engagement.  In some cases tanking is optional.  In those rare cases, two quotes will be provided.  All costs for the maintenance of the tanking system installed by LRA are borne by LRA.

5. Unless other arrangements are made in advance, the Client must provide a certificate of insurance for the aircraft.  LRA will coordinate with the Client's insurance provider to provide an insurance rider for the duration of the Engagement, but the owner's base coverage must be in place.

6. Once the Ferry Flight commences, Client will NOT incur per diem charges for extended weather delays.  LRA's first priority is the safety of your aircraft and our pilots.  If LRA makes the decision to delay a leg of a mission due to questionable weather, then LRA will bear the cost.

7. A deposit of 20% of the lump sum quote is due to secure a Ferry Flight time slot.  The remainder of the fee is due upon initiation of the Ferry Flight.  Please note: The aircraft will not depart from the origination until the lump sum fee for the Engagement is paid in full.

8. If during the course of the Ferry Flight maintenance issues arise that need to be attended to in order to safely continue the Ferry Flight, the aircraft will not depart the maintenance facility until arrangements have been made for reimbursement of maintenance fees and any per diem that might be due.  Per diem will not be charged for maintenance delays of less than 24 hours.


Engagement - The contract with LRA to perform a service which may include: route planning, providing and installing ferry tanks, obtaining permits, reviewing aircraft paperwork, pre-departure inspections, the Ferry Flight to move the aircraft, and the like.

Client - Any owner, operator, broker, or other person/entity with a legal right to contract with LRA for the Engagement.

Customary Charges - All costs and fees typically associated with an Engagement to plan, coordinate, and safely ferry an aircraft from origination to destination including: pilot cost, fees for permits, flight planning, fuel, long range fuel tanks if necessary, shipping of any aircraft accessories,  ground handling fees, airway user fees, and the like.  Customary Charges are exclusive of maintenance costs, per diem for delay due to maintenance, and costs and/or per diem for an aircraft not ready at origination.

Ferry Flight - The actual movement of the aircraft from the origination to the destination including necessary stops.

LRA - Long Range Aviation, LLC

Maintenance Costs - Cost to repair airworthiness issues that may occur during the course of normal operation that are not caused by LRA.