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Currently, three of us make up the team at Long Range Aviation.  Chief Pilot Stuart Mills handles operational duties, Business Manager Mike Doble is your primary contact, and Pilot David Doble stays in the sky as much as possible.

In this section you will learn a little more about each of us.

focused on our clients

We fully understand that it can be stressful deciding who to engage for a ferry flight.  You are asking a stranger to take responsibility for your expensive aircraft and move it safely to your destination; sometimes across an ocean.  Will your aircraft be cared for?  Is the pilot experienced?  Will the pilot be familiar with your aircraft's unique qualities and operating limitations?  What about licenses and insurance?

Rest assured, your trust is well placed should you engage Long Range Aviation.  We will run your ferry flight with an experienced pilot and will handle all of the paperwork to legally move your aircraft safely and efficiently.

We are relationship driven.  From your first call, to when we hand over the keys at the final destination.  We keep you fully informed of our progress, we will work through any challenges, and we'll treat your airplane as our own.

The World's Premier Aircraft Delivery and Ferry Pilot Service
Take a look into our flight files to see what a typical trip entails.  From a thorough pre-departure inspection at the origination, through the paperwork, weather challenges, maintenance issues and the like; get an inside look into our process to get your aircraft where it needs to be in a safe and timely manner.
Please refer to this list of representative aircraft that are typical for us to ferry and some we just like to fly!  This list is not comprehensive; give us a call about your aircraft and we will let you know if we can ferry it.  Most likely, if it flies, then we can be of service to you.
A gallery of photos from some of our pilot's trips.  Get an inside look at the more gritty side of this business.  Our pilots are tough, disciplined aviators who are flexible and experienced;   they can handle pretty much any eventuality.  And yes, even new aircraft occasionally have maintenance issues.

where did we come from?

Long Range Aviation was founded in 2013 by three pilots passionate about flight and serving customers in a thoughtful and respectful manner.  We are focused on efficiency and low cost. 

Two of the founders, Stuart Mills and David Doble, worked for Steve Hall of Wings of Eagles for many years.  Stuart and Dave truly appreciate Steve's passion for this industry and his tireless support of their careers.  When Steve tragically passed away in late 2012, Stuart and Dave began thinking it was time to strike out on their own. 

In partnership with Dave's brother Mike, Long Range Aviation was founded to provide relationship driven services to clients that demand the best at the lowest practical price.

While flying for Wings of Eagles, Dave and Stuart were profiled on a TV show that chronicled the life of a Ferry Pilot.  Click here to see.